Wuhu is an important inland city in China with a long history, great geographic location and a fast developing industry and commerce. The living standard and cultural and spiritual level are rising up, which breeds the actual need to develop the city’s public art section.

The planning and preparation of the Wuhu Sculpture Park were initiated in 2010. The China Sculpture Institute, The China Academy of Art and the Wuhu municipality worked together to create what they hope to be the best sculpture park of China and in the world in near future.  The park is rooted in the beautiful natural scenery of the God Mountain area and it reflects the city culture and city characteristics.


The creation of the park happens at the same time as the selection of the sculptures so that consequently the sculptures and the scenery fit well together. There is a great variety of sculptures. Works from older, well-known sculptors as well as from the younger generation can be seen while you walk in the park. And both contemporary, international artists as local Chinese artists are presented. In the last 3 years 145 sculptures were installed in the Wuhu Sculpture Exhibition, of which119 from Chinese artists and 25 from foreign artists.

Every day many visitors come to the park and it has become the favourite place for the local people to go for a walk. Some sculptures are inviting for children to touch and others may inspire you to philosophical contemplation. And this was also the aim of the organisation to improve the cultural and spiritual level of the local people by the integration of public art.   "Roots" black granite

“Roots” black granite

This year one of my sculptures was placed in the park and so I had the honour to take part of the history of this park. My sculpture “Roots” , 5 meters high and made of black granite was awarded with the Liu Kaiqu Award. The sculpture symbolizes our connection with the past, with the earth where life begins and with the history we carry inside.


The most important award in Chinese sculpture these days, the “Liu Kaiqu Award;” it has been instituted to improve the quality of sculpture in public spaces and to stimulate the communication between Chinese and international art.

This year for the third time the Liu Kaiqu International Sculpture Exhibition is held in the Wuhu Sculpture Park in Wuhu city in east China’s Ahui Province, under the guidance of the China Sculpture Institute.  The  award is named after the Chinese sculptor Liu Kaiqu (1904-1993), founder of Chinese modern sculpture.

Last week I travelled to Wuhu and was so very happy to receive the Liu Kaiqu Excellent Award for my sculpture “Roots,” made in black Shanxi granite and with a total height of 5 meters. The sculpture is a stone that has roots; showing that all things and beings have roots. They connect us with the past, make what we are and give us life. So we worship the earth where life itself is born and the history we carry inside.


These months four of my new sculptures are exhibited at the Etienne Gallery in Oisterwijk. (NL)

The works were made at the beginning of this year in my studio in Pietrasanta, Italy.

They are still part of the “Carrara Series” In my blogs from october untill november last year , you can see and read more about these series.

granite-kvo The planes  and lines, caves and caverns which can be found in the landscapes of the Carrara quarries in Tuskany, Italy, are still a source of inspiration for my sculptures.

Come and see the works!


visit my website: http://www.karinvanommeren.nl

ⓒChina-sculpture-kvoThe “Beijing Yi Dongyuan Sculpture Production Center” is located in the outskirts of Beijing – it is a large factory where sculptures are made in different materials like stone, bronze, steel and polyester. It is a bustling scene – sculptures meant for all parts of the world are being made there. ⓒBeijing-sculpture-kvoThe “stone” section is separated from the rest of the factory and situated in an open field.

One of my own sculptures is being made here – I went for a visit recently to see the progress and was quite impressed. My sculpture is being made out of the splendid “Shanxi Black Stone,” one of the most beautiful granites of China. ⓒkarin-van-ommeren-sculpture-chinaThat’s me in this last photo, next to my piece, in progress .You can also see another view of my sculpture in the photo above, on the right.


ⓒkarin-van-ommeren-jimo-city-chinaⓒqingdao-karin-van-ommerenPart of Jimo City, Qingdao, China

In China everywhere you go people are building houses and constucting new areas. They are constucting their future and at a quick rate.

The sculpture I made for Qingdao will be placed in a city that has yet to be built.

In the picture below, I stand next to my sculpture. In front of me there is the building-site while on the left side I can see the computer drawings on a large billboard, showing how this town will look like. A complete city with houses, theaters, sports facilities, hospitals and everything a city should have. In the sculpture park the trees are already planted.

It goes fast. In five years everything will be ready.


Sculpture for Qingdao-Seoul Sculpture Park

ⓒkarin-van-ommeren-sculptors                                   Frede Troelsen, Winni Schaak, Karin van Ommeren en Jo Kley

The oldest “Way of the Cross”  (Calvary) in Germany is located In Lübeck, the famous Hanze city in the North of Germany; it’s been there since 1493. With a distance of 1650 meters the walk goes from the St. Jacobi Church to the Hill of Jerusalem.

This year four sculptors were invited to create abstract sculptures in the form of a stèle. At the same time three sculptures were created to commemorate the four clergymen from Lübeck that were killed by the fascists during the Second World War.

Eight sculptures were created on total, in Swedish granite and in steel.

I made two sculptures in granite:ⓒkarin-van-ommeren-sculptureSculpture for the “Way of the Cross,” placed on Gustav-Radbruck-Platz, Lübeck, Germany


Sculpture for the “Way of the Martyrs,” placed before the Lauerhof prison, Lübeck, Germany.


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