Sculptures and Landscapes – “The Carrara Series”

The quarries of Carrara marble in Italy are a landscape where the presence of man dominates and through the ages this has changed nature in such a way that a new surreal landscape has been created. A scenery of planes and lines, of caves and caverns, where people have looked for the stone for centuries. Marble is a precious material that tells us about our own origin, about eternity and about ourselves.

This “destroyed” landscape was the source of a series of sculptures in granite I made, called “The Carrara Series.”

“Aruns who on the mountains of Luni (where grubs the Carrarese who dwells beneath),amid white marbles, had a cave for his abode, whence for looking at the stars and the sea his view was not cut off”
Dante     Inferno Canto XX

I share below some pictures of the sculptures I made for this series.
The Carrara marble quarries are in the Apuan Alps near Pietrasanta.

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  1. mundi. said:

    The Romans quarried their marble 2000 years ago, exactly from this spot.
    Michelangelo too, from a mountain called ‘Altisimo’ – wich means, ‘very high up’ –
    His famous ‘David’ is made of this marble.
    Leonardo daVinci explored the site and made a map.

  2. Great to see more of your work! The “Carrara Sculptures” are so convincing, that my initial question ‘why aren’t the done in Carrara Marble?’ dissolved within seconds!
    Buon lavoro

    • although the quarries are made of marble, the granite show more their strong impact

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