Monthly Archives: December 2012


The landscape, the surroundings we live in, are sculpted by time, by the weather, by men who build their towns and villages. The landscape, its battered surface, changes as time goes by. It is a record of the past, and a testimony to the society we live in today, but its essence lingers. Some places carry their essence on every hill, grove, … stone.

I found this little village close to the Carrara quarries, between the Apuan Alps and the Mediterranean. It barely stands on top of the rock, while the rest of the mountain crumbles away, it reminded me of the song written by Paul McCartney and it inspired me to make the round sculpture, pictured below, which I sculpted out of pink granite.


My studio is in Pietrasanta, Italy, in the foothills of the Apuan Alps, a few miles from Carrara.

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