China under construction, a sculpture for Qingdao, Jimo City


ⓒkarin-van-ommeren-jimo-city-chinaⓒqingdao-karin-van-ommerenPart of Jimo City, Qingdao, China

In China everywhere you go people are building houses and constucting new areas. They are constucting their future and at a quick rate.

The sculpture I made for Qingdao will be placed in a city that has yet to be built.

In the picture below, I stand next to my sculpture. In front of me there is the building-site while on the left side I can see the computer drawings on a large billboard, showing how this town will look like. A complete city with houses, theaters, sports facilities, hospitals and everything a city should have. In the sculpture park the trees are already planted.

It goes fast. In five years everything will be ready.


Sculpture for Qingdao-Seoul Sculpture Park

  1. Gro said:

    This is so interesting. To have the art, as sculptures, ready made years before the city where it is going to be, exists. Amazing. Your piece is beautiful. And so are you.

  2. Enrique said:

    Je trouve que ta sculpture (qui suit tout à fait ton style personnel) “colle” très bien avec l’idée qu’on se fait des lignes chinoises…! Même les yeux de l’artiste! Bravo!

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