“Beijing Yi Dongyuan Sculpture Production Center” – Sculpture in China

ⓒChina-sculpture-kvoThe “Beijing Yi Dongyuan Sculpture Production Center” is located in the outskirts of Beijing – it is a large factory where sculptures are made in different materials like stone, bronze, steel and polyester. It is a bustling scene – sculptures meant for all parts of the world are being made there. ⓒBeijing-sculpture-kvoThe “stone” section is separated from the rest of the factory and situated in an open field.

One of my own sculptures is being made here – I went for a visit recently to see the progress and was quite impressed. My sculpture is being made out of the splendid “Shanxi Black Stone,” one of the most beautiful granites of China. ⓒkarin-van-ommeren-sculpture-chinaThat’s me in this last photo, next to my piece, in progress .You can also see another view of my sculpture in the photo above, on the right.

  1. Bravo, bravissimo! I am soooooo proud of you! Ebi

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