Monthly Archives: August 2019

In Norway they say that a Troll is a creature that lives at night in the dark. You might see him when you walk in the forest at night where he lives hidden between the dark trees ,or when you sail at sea where he emerges from dark rocks.

Many things happen at night that don’t tolerate the light of day, but when a troll is caught by daylight , he is turned into a stone.                                                                                    Troll stone                                                                                                                       This summer I went to Norway as I was invited to make a sculpture for the Os granite symposium “Sculpture in Landscape”. And there I found one of these stones that are supposed to have a troll inside. And so I made a Troll egg to show that troll and stone are one. The troll becomes stone and the stone becomes troll again. 

At night the troll reveals itself slowly and claims its presence as a natural condition of the endless motion of nature.                                     The “Troll egg” is placed in Smoraasfjellet, Bergen, Norway